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Wednesday, February 20, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 97



Senate Democrats agree to disagree

If 2001 was a year of unity for all Americans, 2002 is a year for division. Indeed, it would seem as though Republicans and Democrats alike are getting back down to the business of arguing with each other.

"Tree-hugger rhetoric" is underserved

Somehow, the term "tree-hugger" has managed to pick up a negative connotation in the past few years. This can probably be attributed to our Middle Eastern oil suppliers having been all but solid in their relations with the United States for the last 20 years. The United States has been scratching and punching its way into oil supplies, and anyone who stands in its way gets slapped as a "tree-hugger." 

Nobody should nee special 'glasses' to see plain truth

Today, while sitting at a table eating my breakfast, I decided to take off my rose-colored liberal glasses and try on a pair of conservative ones. Things quickly became difficult to see, as the mirrored aviator lens was facing towards me. Then, the words of some man in some book came to me and I decided to put away my childish things, since I am no longer a child.

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