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Lopez's 'J To Tha L-O' debuts at number 'O To Tha N-E'


Ellen Simonson

Alan Jackson's Drive was knocked to the No. 2 position on the Billboard charts this week by a new release chart-topper Jennifer Lopez's J To Tha L-O! The

Photo courtesy of Epic Records

J-Lo's latest album, J To Tha L-O! The Remixes, knocked Alan Jackson's Drive out of the top spot to debut at No. 1.

Another new album, Barry Manilow's Ultimate Manilow, debuted at No. 3, and Sade's Lovers Live entered the charts at No. 10.

Despite these upsets, the top 10 looked about the same as usual, with Creed's Weathered taking No. 4, Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory at No. 5, Ludacris' Word of Mouf
at No. 6, Nickelback's Silver Side Up at No. 7, Ja Rule's Pain Is Love at No. 8 and Pink's M!ssundaztood at No. 9.

Box office

Denzel Washington's latest film, John Q, entered theaters at the No. 1 position this weekend, grossing $20.6 million a solid $6 million more than its nearest
competitor, the coming-of-age flick Crossroads.

Crossroads, which is notable mostly as Britney Spears' acting debut, is the story of three friends on a cross-country adventure. The film took $14.6 million in its first
week of release.

It was followed by fellow new release Return to Never Land in the No. 3 position. The newest Disney venture has Wendy from Peter Pan all grown up and revisiting
the land of the boy who refused to grow older.

Last week's top two movies Collateral Damage and Big Fat Liar slipped to Nos. 4 and 5 respectively. A Beautiful Mind climbed one spot to No. 6, followed by
new releases Hart's War at No. 7 and Super Troopers at No. 8. Black Hawk Down and Snow Dogs rounded out the top 10.

Miramax's Iris, the true story of author Iris Murdoch and her husband, debuted at No. 28 this weekend.

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