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Uncertainties put to test on

Surf This

Heather L. Nicholson

Why does insecurity run rampant these days? Maybe people feel unattractive because they know they'll never look like the model on the cover
of that fashion magazine.

Then again, perhaps people aren't comfortable with themselves for whatever personal reason weight, balding, age, money and sexual
inadequacy, just to name a few.

Now there is a way for all vain insecurities to be put to rest. Everyday folks can post their best picture online and have complete strangers vote
them as hot or not at

The site consists of nothing but photograph after photograph of people desperately seeking approval about their looks through other people's
opinions. Usually a few phrases come to mind in this situation, such as "I don't care what others think." But let's get real.

We do care what other people think about us, and we do care if we are attractive or not. We care so much about these things that we will do
things like spend hours at a gym and scrutinize every piece of food that goes in our mouths.

Yet after all is said and done, we hope to find someone who loves us for who we are inside.

The Web site, however, does work. Once your picture is posted, it only takes a matter of minutes for others to start rating you on a scale of one to
10. There will be no more wondering about whether your best friend is just saying you look cute to make you feel better or whether your mother
says you're beautiful because she has to.

The importance of being yourself cannot be stressed enough, but to find truth in the most vain quest of all, visit Some, if not
all, of your questions will be answered.

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