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Volume 68, Issue 1 , Monday, August 26, 2002

Arts & Entertainment


Fall lineup spruces up the stage
Houston continues to evolve into a universally recognized cosmopolitan gem of a city. Along with the renovation of downtown and the magnificent new Hobby Center, Houston's venerable artistic institutions consistently showcase the most valued works of our culture, as well as introducing groundbreaking new productions.

'Simone' entertains as Pachino continues to flaunt his talent
The irony of the new movie Simone, in which a director enlists the help of a virtual actress on his new film, is that only a flesh-and-blood actor of
Al Pacino's caliber could pull it off.

While 'Sopranos' pay visit 'E.T.' phones home this fall
The advent of the DVD has changed the way we develop our home entertainment. Gone are the analog visuals displayed on videotape; digital
images, extra features and custom setups are slowly becoming the norm. Wide-screen display, clear color, crisp audio ... there's nothing better
in home entertainment than achieving the feel of a real movie theater in your own living room.

'My Wife' entertains with laughs, romance
 There's not much to say when a romantic comedy is done as well as Yvan Attal's My Wife is an Actress.


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