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Volume 68, Issue 1, Monday, August 26, 2002


Columnist charges readers to submit their own opinions

Shireen Connor
Opinion Columnist 

Welcome back, Cougars. The Fall 2002 semester embraces us, and like the rest of the University community, the Daily Cougar is ready to get
back into the swing of things. Before we begin another term of Sports columns, comic strips, informative advertisements and headline action, I
would like to take this opportunity to clarify some issues from the newspaper's recent past.

Last Spring, as many of you know, our newspaper came under attack from a number of students for biased reporting and unfair editor-in-chief
election practices. I believe that I can speak on behalf of the entire staff when I say that no single writer intended to insult or offend any of our

It is important for people to realize that when one writes, especially in an Opinion column such as this one, he or she is speaking from a
personal perspective. Of course, the person expressing the opinion is somewhat biased; if not, they would be unable to write an entire column
about a stance. 

That is what an "opinion" column is all about. A good Opinion-writer, or any writer for that matter, will support arguments with facts and remain
open to reader feedback. Here at the Cougar, we welcome any questions or comments via the e-mail address provided at the end of each

If you are angry or upset about material presented in any column please let that writer know. In most cases, the e-mail address provided is the
author's personal inbox. If you do not have access to a computer, get yourself to the library or visit us in Room 151, Communications Building.

In addition, the Cougar welcomes any University student or staff member to send in a guest column, which will be published if it is appropriate
and legible and if space is available to do so. If you are upset about a particular article, you are invited to use the Cougar as a forum to express
your views. We are a student publication; everyone is welcome to apply for a position on the staff.

As for the election of our current editor-in-chief, Keenan Singleton, the student body should respect and embrace the decision of the Student
Publications Committee members: that he was the most qualified candidate. In order to avoid another round of arguments, I will leave my
explanation at this. The SPC that elected Singleton did so in a democratic fashion. 

The committee is made up of not only students and staff, but also professional members of the Houston community at large. Here at the
Cougar, we all know Singleton very well and are comfortable working with him. It was only natural for us to support someone who knows not
only the inner-workings of the paper, but had also already established professional and personal relationships with all of the senior staff writers
and office managers. 

Singleton will do a fine job at the paper this year. He is bright, open-minded and last but certainly not least, he is a hard worker. Yet he still
manages to juggle his abilities with a sense of humor. How many people do you know who can pull that off?

It is my hope that even our more cynical readers will keep an open mind this semester when they pick up our publication from the stands. After
all, it is our readers who keep our paper alive, by responding to our advertisements and giving our writers supportive feedback. 

We work hard to give you a fresh newspaper, every single day, without fail. Without the support of the students, there would be no newspaper;
without a newspaper there would be no source of reliable university news.

Even worse, there would be no mind-boggling crossword puzzles to do in class. Good luck this semester.

Connor, a sophomore psychology 
major, can be reached at

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