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Smith predicts 'drastic' effects of cuts
UH President Arthur K. Smith presented a dire picture Wednesday to the Texas Legislature, saying that deep budget cuts "would drastically affect our educational and research missions."

Threat of war may prevent it
It has been demonstrated that if an issue lives long enough, it will become a Great Old Issue, or even Cthulhu-like, driving mere mortals insane upon visual contact.

Throw a 'Hail Mary'
Athletics Director Dave Maggard went before the Student Fees Advisory Committee on Friday and stated flat-out that the department needs to correct its past mistakes.

Theaters provide humor, drama 
Take it back to the Old School (think 30-somethings flashback to college) or the way old school (think the Civil War) this weekend for new movie releases.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 100, Thursday, February 20, 2003


Smith predicts 'drastic' effects of cuts

Forum explores race issue 

Faculty senators worry over budget, President 

EX-prof: Most Muslims ignore calll to arms 


Threat of war may prevent it

Goverment wants us terrified 

Letters to the Editor

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Throw a 'Hail Mary'

Billikens cast their spell over Bearcast

Arts & Entertainment

Theaters provide humor, drama 

Mae brings its dreamy pop sound to Fat Cat's 

'Aeros' flips into Hobby Center 

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