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Volume 68, Isssue 106, Friday, February 28, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Selby shines on 'Dirt' CD

Katrina Esco
The Daily Cougar

Mark Selby's sophomore album Dirt proves that his 2000 debut More Storms Comini was not just beginneris luck. In fact, the debut title seems to have been a warning to the alternative music world of the new release.

The lead track, "Reason Enough," sets the tone for the rest of the disc, which isn't a roller coaster ride of sound, but does deliver a mix of mellow, up-beat tunes with rugged verses reminiscent of Selby's dirt-country roots in western Oklahoma.

Dirt showcases Selby's acoustic and electric guitar skills throughout the disc without overshadowing the lyrics co-written by his wife Tia Sillers. 

Sillers is probably the muse for many of the blues-rock ballads such as "Back Door to My Heart," "Moon Over My Shoulder" and "Desire," in which Selby's heart becomes an open book that tells of what a manis love will make him do for a woman. 

The confessions are similar to those of other love songs, and though theyive been heard before, they fail to seem unoriginal. 

While Selby has tracks on the album that represent individuality and anti-conformity in life, the bulk of his lyrics are professions of love. Surprisingly, their energetic delivery saves the album from the depths of sappy-land

What stands out most about the album is Selbyis soulful voice. Combined with the rock guitars and drums, it is a difficult task to place the singer, songwriter and musician into one category. Selbyis instrumental and vocal abilities will surely appeal to music lovers of any genre.

With his new release, Selby will take up a bit more than just the "share of space" he describes on the title track. 

Mark Selby


Vanguard Records

The verdict: This album is satisfying from beginning to end; this "wayward son" is definitely on the straight and narrow path that leads to stardom.
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