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Volume 68, Isssue 106, Friday, February 28, 2003


Staff Editorial


Matthew Dulin         Geronimo Rodriguez        Shaun Salnave          Cara Sarelli

Play it safe

Spring Break is when thousands of college students get a glimpse of the good life, and for a few days, forget about bubbling in Scantrons and cramming for midterm exams.

Itis that time of the Spring semester when students can actually put their foot down and throw their feet up for more than three hours out of the day. Itis about not having to snooze-button while justifying why it would be all right to miss class. And even for the straight-laced, Spring Break is about letting loose in every imaginable way.

But wherever fun happens, irreversible accidents and thoughts of regret rear their ugly heads.

Alcohol, shaken with sex and stirred by negligence, more often than not has cut short many lives. And unfortunately, as the number of partygoers rises, the number of accidents does the same.

It isnit because students maliciously set out to wreck a week of fun -- putting a finger on why such bad things happen when students just want to have fun is a mystery in itself -- but it happens.

It would be dumb to think you and your friends arenit a part of the vulnerable crowd. Itid be even worse to think a wreck in the road isnit your concern as long as you arenit in one of the cars.

Driving on the wrong side of the road isnit the only thing to worry about. Sexual attacks or anything else having to do with violence and aggression, if you survive, will leave you eating your three meals a day in a cell and fighting for what police stations call a blanket.

The break is about getting all the worries out of your system and not adding to them. If you need some shut-eye or youire so drunk you canit even strap on the seatbelt, ask a friend to drive. If violence flares within your crowd, do your best to cool it down.

Even as dreadful as it is to come back to lectures and pop quizzes, it would be worse to think youive done something to keep yourself or other students from coming back at all. Perhaps, one drink too many by someone else might even keep you from coming home to show off your tan.

So while youire raising your drink to celebrate, remember to raise your awareness as well. Fulfilling the ideals of Spring Break while you still have the chance is a fine idea in the long run, but keeping it safe makes sure you even have a spot in the race.

After all, college life isnit too bad, at least as long as we can always look forward to Spring Break.
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