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Volume 68, Issue 109, Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Staff Editorial


Matthew Dulin         Geronimo Rodriguez        Shaun Salnave          Cara Sarelli

Get your vote on

When candidates feel theyive lost before theyive begun, thereis something wrong.

SGA elections for the 2003-2004 term begin today and continue tomorrow. We canit stress it enough. Get your vote on. With a new electronic system, itis even easier to do so. If the computers arenit working, then Scantrons are simple enough, and there arenit any wrong answers.

Nine conveniently placed polling locations are available. Anywhere you walk today, youire bound to pass one. There are booths set up at the University Center, the UC Satellite, the PGH Breezeway and the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center -- the areas handling the most student traffic.

There is no reason why you canit stop for a minute and voice your opinion on the ballot. In the time it takes Wendyis to whip up your double cheeseburger, you couldive cast your vote.

For a student body thatis rife with complaints, by and large too few of us seem to get up and go about changing things. With fees going up and tuition on the rise, students no doubt have some grievances. Moreover, funding cuts threaten many UH programs and the overall budget crisis could lead to even more tuition hikes. Unfortunately, the administration isnit hearing all of it. 

The elections today and tomorrow are a way of changing that, but donit let your newfound activism stop at the voting booth. 

Pay attention to what the SGA does and doesnit do, and let them know what you think. It also wouldnit hurt to let The Daily Cougar know about your thoughts with letters and guest columns. Keep in mind that nothing will change through dumb luck.

Itis hard to say whether or not all student interests are being fully represented when only four senate seats out of dozens are contested. The position of president only has two candidates on the ballot. We applaud the people running -- theyire willing to help UH move forward.

But it cheapens the experience for those running against no challenger; thereis no big win, no approval from the masses. They may or may not be good for the job, but we wonit know any better until someone else steps up.

Cast your vote. Stay informed and stay involved. Next time around, it may be your turn to lead this university.
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