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Volume 68, Issue 11, Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Arts & Entertainment


Glassjaw's 'Worship' a finely tuned album
There are few bands that try to dabble in more than one genre of music that can be called original and worth hearing.

Stavesacre rocks in debut album
Stavesacre's self-titled debut is not the best album of the century, but Stavesacre managed to pique my interest with its sound lyrics and strong musical foundation.

'Morrowind' offers worthy role playing
Bethesda Softwareis latest offering to the PC and Microsoftis X-Box is a chapter in the Elder Scrolls saga, Morrowind. This is an excellent PC-style role playing game (RPG) and a worthy addition to any collection on its own, which focuses on character and plot freedom over everything else.

R&B's Musiq amplifies H-Town's Arena Theatre
With albums titled Aijuswanaseing and Juslisten, it's obvious as a child that r&b singer Musiq's ears weren't exactly hooked on phonics. Instead, his headphones were hooked on the sounds of Stevie Wonder, George Clinton and John Coltrane. And by the raucous reception he received Sunday night at the Arena Theatre, the audience appreciated his lack of literacy.

'Wrestling Report' answers questions
When you really think about it, didn't we always know it was just a matter of time before a wrestling company played up the homo-erotic nature of the industry? Please be informed that this column will offend certain segments of the population.

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