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Volume 68, Issue 11, Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

Glassjaw's 'Worship' a finely tuned album

By Terrence Persaud
The Daily Cougar

There are few bands that try to dabble in more than one genre of music that can be called original and worth hearing.

However, Glassjaw is one of those bands that hasn't just fused other bands music and reworked it, but instead have taken a welding iron and constructed a new style: screaming emo trippy hardcore.

The band's sound has been delighting audiences of the Long Island, New York scene for at least five years, and the band has slowly been gaining more fans over the years.

After touring with bands such as Deftones, Poison the Well and System of a Down during the last Ozzfest tour, Glassjaw has put out yet another beautifully constructed album,Worship and Tribute.

Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo (left), Justin Beck, Todd Weinstock, Larry Gorman and Dave Allen's latest Worship and Tribute gives listener's a fine mix of sounds.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

The album is a follow up to their 2000 release Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Science. Everything ... was a great blend of light emo with east coast hardcore, but a bit choppy; the new album is more well-blended.

With Worship and Tribute the band has built from its eclectic influences, pushing the envelope with sublimely balanced guitars and a multifarious mess of drums. They reassemble the pieces for emo-screamo bliss.

Before I listened to the CD, I thought it would be good. But I didn't expect this level of excellence from the band. After the fourth audition of "Cosmopolitan Blood Loss," I knew I had stumbled onto a CD worth spending hard-earned money on.

I love the way the tracks go from a stripped down sound to light loving songs and ultimately into heavy, chaotic masterpieces.

The CD is great for fans of alternative rock, metal and indie rock. 

The sound is best described as a combination of the Deftones, Poison The Well, Texas Is The Reason and Fugazi. But Glassjaw doesn't regurgitate the bands' styles or experience the limiting effects of strong influence.

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