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Volume 68, Issue 11, Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

Stavesacre rocks in debut album

By Miriam Rouziek
The Daily Cougar

Stavesacre's self-titled debut is not the best album of the century, but Stavesacre managed to pique my interest with its sound lyrics and strong musical foundation.

Musically, they remind me of Tool, P.O.D. and Staind, a combination that serves them well. Maybe hard rock is a slowly dying genre with so many pop-based bands making it big nowadays, but these guys manage to keep their heads above water and go against the current of popular culture.

The rhythm backing Stavesacre's music is very heavy and powerful. It's a brand of hard rock that verges on heavy metal and has a drumbeat that could knock your walls down. However, they seem to be between genres when it comes to the overall melody.

The main focus of this album seems to have been the music. While Stavesacre is lyrically well constructed, their music tends to drown out the words they're singing. And quite unlike System of a Down, they don't seem to have any important political or social message.

Maynard Keenan (fellow whiner from Tool) whines and makes it work for him, because he uses it as a medium for getting your attention. Mark Salomon, the lead singer for Stavesacre, can't seem to do that. His lyrics are interesting, but his voice isn't as powerful in carrying the message as Keenan's. So you end up listening to a powerful song with barely audible lyrics.

Overall, this album has a few so-so areas, but it's musically sound, and the band seems to know how to make things work for them. That's something that only comes with years of practice.

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