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Volume 68, Issue 11, Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

'Wrestling Report' answers questions

The Wrestling Report

Ed De La Garza

When you really think about it, didn't we always know it was just a matter of time before a wrestling company played up the homo-erotic nature of the industry? Please be informed that this column will offend certain segments of the population.

Fans tuning in to see Smackdown on Thursday will be treated to wrestling's first gay marriage. Well, the first one to be televised.

After months of innuendo, Billy and Chuck will finally be tag team partners for life before their match. Billy, real name Monty Sopp, and Chuck Palumbo are heterosexual in real life.

Whether they're heterosexual or homosexual is beside the point. World Wrestling Entertainment made a name for itself by trying "edgy" story lines and stressing attitude. This is clearly WWE's attempt to get back in the mainstream with a risky plot.

The only problem is WWE's target audience. If it's not children, then why does it push toys and video games? What does a kid do with Billy and Chuck action figures?

It's a parent's responsibility to explain delicate situations to their kids. A wrestling show shouldn't be the first time a child asks about homosexuality.

A parent shouldn't make a child ashamed of anything, but WWE should not be the starting point for any meaningful conversation. This is the same company that teaches children it's OK to throw women around and smash them through tables.

When Vince McMahon is the new voice of acceptance, kindness and equal opportunity for all, America is in a sad, sad state.

Dipping into the mailbag

I'm including the following letters to illustrate a point. The first was an informed, intelligently written to my argument that wrestling fans could not read. It's an alarming thought, this column runs in a college newspaper.

The second had its problems.

First up we have Jason. R.:

You are right about the senselessness of having two champions. It will probably result in a Triple Threat match to unify the titles once again, but I'm quite sad it has come to that for a few reasons.

For starters, as you noted, it shows the writers think continuity is a dirty word. I think the likely Triple Threat match would nip what could be a big money feud in the bud. Whether there is a title in or not, I think a Rob Van Dam/Triple H feud would be fantastic. But I don't share your fear that an Undertaker/Lesnar match would be unappealing. Lesnar is surprisingly talented for his age, and the Undertaker is the best in the business for my money. 

I hope you now know there's at least one more rasslin' fan around here who's capable of operating a computer and stringing an opinion together.

It's not up to my standards, but Jason's ability to get his opinion across kept me from deleting it. I never said Lesnar wasn't talented. But he needs someone to help him put on a good match. The Undertaker is not that person. He hasn't been for a while.

Next up we have Andrew P.:

yeah i was wondering do you thnk the Undertaker is overated?

I'd like to thank young Andrew for giving everyone in the newsroom a nice laugh. But I sincerely hope he found my column online and isn't actually a college student. If he is, may I suggest a swift transfer to Texas A&M?

Congratulations to Jason and Andrew. You win absolutely nothing.

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