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Volume 68, Issue 11, Tuesday, September 10, 2002


UHPD increases event rates

By Valarie Torres
The Daily Cougar

An increase in billing rates for providing officers at special University has been approved for the UH Police. Budget needs motivated the change.

The increase is lower for University-sponsored events than for non-University sponsored events. For events sponsored by UH, a flat rate of $31 per hour will be charged for all commissioned personnel; for all other events, police employees will be paid individually according to their rank and status. 

The bill, proposed by UHPD Captain Malcolm Davis, went into effect Sept. 1. Davis said the purpose of the bill is to help the police department recover lost costs when the it must provide additional police services at events UHPD officers normally wouldn't oversee.

"We start out with a certain amount (an operating budget)," Davis said. "Because the state doesn't pay for benefits or time and a half during these events, we came up with a flat rate that balances out pretty close."

Davis said when additional services are needed to work special events, like athletic events or special departmental functions, the police department must pay the additional help for being at these events on the days they are not regularly scheduled to work. 

The additional services sometimes require different pay and the flat rate doesn't cover benefits or overtime for each extra individual at these events. 

The increase creates a flat rate that the department must pay in one lump sum and makes a sponsor of a non-University event pay more. 

"We are trying to make things simpler, because before we had to charge for the services of the individual," Davis said. "If a lieutenant went to work the football game he would be paid more than the regular officers. Also, if I worked and replaced a regular officer the paperwork would have do be done to pay me my rate."

Davis also said the increase doesn't come out of student fees or tuition, but from the revenue made from the departments' or sponsors' ticket sales, beer, parking revenue, drinks and other profits made from special events. 

" We're trying to put the cost on people who can realistically pay the budget, and not charge the University so much," Davis said. "This gets us out of the red, but at the same time, without sinking some other department into the red."

He also says UH police officers do not benefit from the increase by getting a pay increase. 

The only increase they have had this year is the overall university employee increase, given to everyone.

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