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Volume 68, Issue 112, Monday, March 17, 2003

Arts & Entertainment


Cindrella enchants audience
In the Houston Balletis Ben Stevensonis flagship production of Cinderella, the cherished and romantic fairy tale comes to life with Stevensonis whimsical choreography.

The 'genius of Soul' jazzed up the rodeo
Ray Charles, the "Genius of Soul," enchanted an audience of serious fans at the Rodeo on Friday, along with opening act, country singer Ronnie Milsap.

Latifah and Jones rule the box office
This weekend's box office champ: A teenaged super-spy or a demented assassin?Nope! It's a man and his convict houseguest.

'Sorrow' smothers the fire inside AFI
If you like AFI, don't read this. This review is more of a public service for those who are unfamiliar with the group and curious to hear their new record, Sing the Sorrow.

 White's 'Normal' just isn't 
If you only attend one play this year, go see Normal, written and performed by Randall White.


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