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Miller tops Somarakis
Dawona Miller defeated an independent challenger to hold on to her job as President of the Student Government Association last week during student elections.

Arrogance deters world peace
How did one man and his zealous sycophants manage to alienate an entire planet in two short years? It's not hard when your game plan is based on arrogance.

Cougars waste pitiching clinics
If someone had told UH baseball head coach Rayner Noble that his No. 1 pitcher would strike out 12 batters and not give up a single run in eight innings, he probably would have liked his chances of taking the first game of the East Carolina series.

Cindrella enchants audience
In the Houston Balletis Ben Stevensonis flagship production of Cinderella, the cherished and romantic fairy tale comes to life with Stevensonis whimsical choreography.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 112, Monday, March 17, 2003


Miller tops Somarakis

Court favors student speech

Gandhi's grandson urges nonviolence

Campus crime update


Arrogance deters world peace

Love train approaches last stop

Country radio dominated by politics

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Cougars waste pitiching clinics

Cougars whip Terriers, can't beat Missouri

Cougars fight Sips in Austin

Cougars earn trip to NCAA Championship

Foster beats all Texas sprinters at nationals

Arts & Entertainment

Cindrella enchants audience

The 'Genius of Soul' jazzed up the radio

Latifah and Jones rule the box office

'Sorrow' smothers the fire inside AFI 

White's 'Normal' just isn't

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