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Volume 68, Issue 117, Monday, March 24, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Jagermeister tour bands get reunited with Houston 

By Mauro Alvarez
The Daily Cougar

The Jagermeister tour swept through Houston on March 20. Headlining acts Saliva and Hed P.E. along with opening acts Systematic, Stereomud and Breaking Benjamin enticed the crowd with many Jagermeister toasts and a great rock show.

Alternative rock band Breaking Benjaminis guitarist Aaron Fink played on the Jagermeister tour in support of their new album Saturate.

Lorrie Novosad/Daily Cougar

Systematic had first dibs on the stage, and ripped into "Beginning of the End," the title track of their debut album. They played "Leaving Only Scars" and "Not Like You," two tracks also from their coming unreleased album, before closing the set with "Glass Jaw."

Stereomudis set featured "Anything But Jesus" and their single "Breathing." The song "Pain" released the crowd surfers, and got the pit going into full swing. During the song, bassist Corey Lowery brought a fan on stage with the band.

"Throughout our whole set, she kept looking up at me telling me to jump out in the crowd," Lowery said. "So I just brought her up here instead."

Breaking Benjamin apparently doesnit want to leave Houston. This was their third show in town since November. Nevertheless, the Tool- and Nirvana-influenced band rocked out like it was their last performance. The group started things off with "Shallow Bay," then vocalist Ben Burley started into a cover of Toolis "Schism" that collapsed into "Water," "Polyamorous," "Home" and "Medicate" to end the set.

The pit become unavoidable as the southern California rock band, Hed P.E., started their set with "Suck it Up," "Waiting to Die," "Killing Time" and "Right Back." 

"Itis good to be back in Texas," lead singer Jahred said. "(It's) where Iim originally from." 

Saliva, like Breaking Benjamin, keeps in touch with Houston. The band played Buzzfest last November, and then came back in February to headline its own tour.

"Thereire three things I love about Texas: Everyone loves to drink. Thereis beautiful women everywhere, and y'all have the best weed in the world" (for medicinal purposes of course), lead singer Josey Scott said. "Click Click Boom" started off the set, followed by "Superstar" from their debut album Every Six Seconds

Before the next song, Scott said, "This songis called ‘The Pride of America.i It goes out to everyone in the service." 

They ended the night with "Always".

Jagermeister Tour

Verizon Wireless

The verdict: Mixing Saliva, Hed P.E., Breaking Benjamin, Stereomud, Systematic and Jagermeister makes a killer shot of a hardcore rock show, hangover included.

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