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Volume 68, Issue 117, Monday, March 24, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Hip-hop night a success at Fiesta 

By Jaime Guillory
The Daily Cougar

Frontier Fiesta kicked off last Thursday night with a hip-hop concert featuring many local artists.

All attendees had to walk through the frontier "city" to get to the Budweiser Main Stage, where the concert was held. If the concert wasnit the only event on a personis agenda, they could watch some variety shows, drink alcoholic beverages and eat barbecue. Many were waiting for the show to start at 9:00 p.m., but things ran a little late.

With DJ Paul Wall spinning the records behind these up and coming artists, no one could avoid dancing.

The emcee asked for a moment of silence for the war in Iraq before the show began. Starting the show was a group that looked like Bow Wow times four. The young male rap artists called Platinum Season came out to rap a couple of songs but they didn't get much response from the crowd.

A few of the rappers excited the audience with well-known artists beats. "In Da Club" and "Wanksta" by 50 Cent were played at least twice, once while Popa Jon performed. 

A "largely" represented BMD performed, and although his rapping skills couldnit compete with Fat Joe or Notorious B.I.G., his weight could. 

Choppais 17-year-old little brother, Baby Boy, performed, adding some New Orleans style to the night. The brothers are signed with Master Pis label No Limit. Baby Boy wore a red P. Miller jumpsuit from Master Pis line, and stirred up the ladies with his looks and air humping.

Master P's song "Rock it" introduced 5th Ward Weebie. Weebieis sideman started cursing and saying a lot of things the young kids in the crowd shouldnit have been hearing. Someone quickly told them to stop the cursing, so it was toned down a little from then on. 

A snippet of "Tight Whips" was a good introduction for the man who is No. 17 on the Billboard charts with his hit "Choppa Style." 

Choppa ran out in his orange and blue P. Miller throwback jersey and the crowd went crazy. He had real ice around his neck and wrist as he took over the stage and crowd. 

Throughout his performance, he took off his jersey, showing his tattoos on his arms and sang his new song, "I Love It When She Shake It Like Dat." He also prompted everyone who didnit have his album to go get it. 

Choppa was well received and ended a night of hip-hop with no violence or mishaps.

Choppa, Baby Boy, Platinum Season, 5th Ward Weebie, BMD

Frontier Fiesta Hip-Hop Night

The verdict: The up-and-coming and local artists put on a great show, and it was all free!
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