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Volume 68, Issue 117, Monday, March 24, 2003


Staff Editorial


Matthew Dulin         Geronimo Rodriguez 
Shaun Salnave          Cara Sarelli          Lisa Street

'Sunday bloody Sunday'

Ladies and gentlemen, appreciated Daily Cougar readers, we are at war. Coalition forces suffered their darkest day yet Sunday in the war against Iraq. 

Though President George W. Bush warned that the uncapped fiscal cost of war for taxpayers could not be estimated, he never could have prepared us for the real consequences ­ the physical loss of our citizens.

U.S. Army General John Abizaid told Reuters that 12 U.S. soldiers were missing in the Nasiriya area; the New York Times reported that U.S. officials thought the missing soldiers to have been captured by Iraqi forces in an ambush outside the city. Another 10 have been killed and more are wounded. 

One U.S. soldier was killed Sunday when a disgruntled fellow soldier allegedly threw grenades into their tents at a 101st Airborne Division command center on Iraqis border, The Associated Press reported. The Times reported 16 were injured in the attack. The soldier has been taken into custody.

British officials reported the loss of a Tornado aircraft and the death of its two crewman when a U.S. Patriot Missile battery accidently hit it, less than 24 hours after six British troops and a U.S. Navy officer were killed when two British helicopters collided over the Persian Gulf.

Officials told Reuters also of the three who died and the 250,000 who were wounded in the raids on the Iraqi capital.

Iraq has taken the first American prisoners of war, four men and one woman, and has shown footage of them and at least four dead U.S. soldiers on the Al-Jazeera television network.

Terry Lloyd, a British veteran war reporter for the Independent Television News, is believed to be dead after being caught in fire by U.S. Marines that killed a dozen Iraqi soldiers in passing. 

Clearly in the situation of war the safety of our forces cannot be promised. There will be more deaths and serious injuries before the waris end.

Until the war is stopped, more mothers will lose their sons, more wives will lose their husbands and more children will lose their fathers.

We can only hope the war will end swiftly, so more soldiers donit have to give away their lives.

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