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Volume 68, Issue 118, Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Arts & Entertainment


'Chicago' big winner, 'Pianist' close second
Chicago danced away from the 75th Academy Awards with six "gold-dipped Ken dolls," while The Pianist lit up the Kodak Theater with a couple surprises. 

'Drugs' has twisted view of puppets and art
Itis likely that the current Infernal Bridegroom Productions play wouldnit work without the collaboration of Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre. 

Sex and obsession at Stages' 'Dirty Blonde'
With Dirty Blonde, Stages Repertory Theatre delivers a triumph of sex, stars, cross-dressing, sexiness, obsession, sexy parlance, lots of catchy tunes and more sex.

'Essential Sly' ia more than everyday people
The Essential Sly & The Family Stone begs the question: Is it possible to have too much funk in oneis life?

'Jackass,' 'Ghost Ship' on DVD
Pain is love and love is pain ? thatis the theme for the DVD releases this week.


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