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By Nathan Lindstrom/The Daily Cougar

Be our guest: Manuel Nieto, a server for Ericis Restaurant in the Hilton Hotel, polishes a glass. Background, Fumiko Miura, a hotel and restaurant management freshman, helps out.


Miller may be investigated for fraud
Less than two weeks after she won the election to remain Student Government Association President by a landslide, Dawona Miller is under attack from several fronts with allegations of fraud, attempted misuse of student fees and misuse of school property.

Iraqi liberation not worth it
I confess that after seeing the images on my television over the course of the weekend, I have decidedly changed my stance on the war in Iraq.

UConn's still on track to win title
Let me tell you a secret. This is still Connecticutis tournament to lose. The Huskies are still the best team in the field, and it will take a minor miracle for them to not win the national championship for the second consecutive year.

Dynamic Rock hauls weight in latest film
In the hearts of fans, Chris Rock is a comic genius and an accomplished screenwriter, but his directorial debut in Head of State should earn him respect from the higher-ups in the movie industry.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 119, Wednesday, March 26, 2003


Miller may be investigated for fraud

Menchu to address Iraq war

'Misplaced' opinions

High time to grab financial aid loans

Student Voice in violation of code


Iraqi liberation not worth it

Spoils: Drunk & no Internet

Hip-hop in a state of emergency

Letters to the Editor

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


UConn's still on track to win title

UH breaks free from Huntsville

Cougar frosh have smashing good time

School's top athletes battle in 'best-of' list

Jordan's words fall on deaf ears

Arts & Entertainment

Dynamic Rock hauls weight in latest film

Blackout uses property to empower

Welcome to Yaqi's world

Linkin Park, Mcknight, 702 release latest CDs

March brings poets to jazzy, cozy club

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