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Volume 68, Issue 132, Monday, April 14, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Kills duo bring garage rock to Fat Catis

By Amber Lanphier
The Daily Cougar

Those itching to hear live garage rock got scratched at Fat Catis (formerly Mary Janeis) on Friday. Popular band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs was originally scheduled to headline the Hands Up Houston show, but canceled, so The Kills took over the main spot.

The duois sparse set-up ­ just two guitars and an 8-track machine showed the audience what garage rock is all about. They opened with the eerie blues number, "Superstition." The song set the mood of the bandis performance, which was very laid-back yet mysteriously powerful ­ especially coming from only two people.

The indisputable chemistry between the duo erupted during sexy songs such as "Catis Claw" and "Fried My Little Brains," and the crowd was pleased with the vintage blues-rock feel of The Kills. There was no flashy stage show ­ just the bare essentials for creating the sexiest rock music Houston has seen in a long time.

Their opening bands were almost as interesting. The Ex Models from New York City started the show with a gritty but vibrant performance. The post-punk foursome has a modest following thanks to its fabulous Other Mathematics album. The band sounds a lot like early Devo with constant time signature changes. 

Lead singer Shahin Motia spit out staccato expositions.

Second on the bill was Houstonis own Fatal Flying Guilloteens. The band completely took over the crowd with their combination of full-throttle rock and obscenely funny jokes about Yeah Yeah Yeahis cancellation. Its ferocious stage presence was reminiscent of the Stooges. 

However, the singer and the drummer kept switching duties, confusing the audience. The Guilloteensi noisy art rock dismayed those listening for lyrical content.

The Kills

Engine Room

The verdict: A tenacious garage-rock show with killer bands.

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