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Volume 68, Issue 137, Monday, April 21, 2003


Caught running for the border

Lisa Street 
Opinion Columnist

Those keeping track of news beyond Iraq may have experienced shock and awe when California's attorney general announced that bodies that washed up near the Berkley Marina last week are in fact those of Laci Peterson and her unborn son.

What's worse, instead of rushing franticly to the scene of what could be the discovery of his missing wife, Scott Peterson was getting arrested on his way to Mexico with a pocket full of benjamins, a bad dye job and a scruffy beard. Could he have shown any less concern, anxiousness or compassion about the condition of his wife who had been eight months pregnant when she went missing Christmas Eve?

It's bad enough that shortly after Lacy disappeared, Amber Frey announced that she and Scott had been having an affair since November 2002. The blonde told America in a news conference that she was unaware Scott was married and wished for the safe return of Laci. This painted Scott a liar and a cheat ­ certainly not the angel he pretended to be.

Things started to look grim for Scott as incriminating signs of guilt began to rear their ugly heads. He sold Laci's car, wouldn't cooperate with police and completely lost contact with her family. What kind of man sells his missing wife's car before he is certain sheis dead? And why did he decline a lie detector test if he were not guilty? Shouldn't he be the first to submit to questioning, so that he could be cleared of suspicion and the police could focus on finding the real abductor?

His alibi about fishing in the Berkley Marina the morning of Laci's disappearance could be the statement that convicts him: Traces of cement found in his boat match three empty cement containers found at his Modesto California home. And who goes fishing at 9:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve anyway? Sounds like playboy Scott killed his wife ­ without second thought of the family that was soon to come ­ made concrete weights, dumped his wife and his unborn son into the Berkley Marina and was home in time to lie about it.

I'm sure that if Scott had a clear conscience, he would have been hounding investigators for information about the discovered bodies, not putting on his poncho and heading for the border.

Street, a sophomore communication major, can be reached at


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