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Big city: Stephen Garcia, right, and Nelly Diaz, both architecture sophomores, work on their final project for an urban design course.


Sanctions, war ruin Iraq life, activist says
The Garden of Eden stinks, "human shield" activist Benjamin Joffe-Walt told a meager audience at UH on Tuesday, largely because more than two-thirds of Iraqis water treatment plants were destroyed in the 1991 Gulf War and havenit been repaired.

Summer plans shot by SARS
I can hardly believe the semester is almost over. Iim used to going all the way through May before being let off the hook. I guess thatis what you get from 13 years of desensitization by the public school system.

A brief history of UH sports ... sort of
By the time you read this, the anonymous death threats and blacklisting will have already begun. But it is the truth, and the truth must be heard. 

Sounds of Summer
Thereis no time like the summer for going, doing and having fun. The top things on everyone's list are, of course, traveling and cook-offs down at the beach. 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 139, Wednesday, April 23, 2003


Sanctions, war ruin Iraq life, activist says

HTI study shows program's success with teachers


Summer plans shot by SARS

A columnist's final farewell

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


A brief history of UH sports ... sort of

Cougars hit high fives

Hornets don't have an Answer

Cougars play a pair vs. Third Ward rivals

UH golf in second place

Arts & Entertainment

Sounds of Summer

Innovative band not for all fans

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