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Volume 68, Issue 140, Thursday, April 24, 2003


Hear the Cougars roar on radio

Zach Lee
Opinion Columnist

UH needs a radio station. While KUHF, the listener-sponsored radio station broadcast at FM 88.7 and licensed to UH is a respectable radio station, it plays only classical music, news and talk shows. That hardly represents the student population at UH, and we deserve a station that does.

I know Iim not the only one sick of hearing the same three songs every time I turn on the radio. I understand that the most popular songs have to be played repeatedly so popular radio stations will stay in business. Therefore, the burden falls on non-commercial radio stations to provide music that the general public doesnit find quite as appealing as Britney Spears.

Sure, there are other not-for-profit stations out there, like KPFT-FM and Riceis KTRU-FM. They each take on part of that burden by playing a variety of music not found on popular frequencies and helping rising stars in several genres of music be heard and recognized. But itis just not enough.

A student-run radio station at UH would benefit everyone. For the people sick of Jay-Z or Evanescence, it would give them another choice while mainstream stations could play unadulterated popular music by has-beens and never-will-bes.

Not-for-profit stations will be able to delve even further underground when new competition, in the form of a UH radio station, compels them to find better music. 

Popular radio stations will be able to play more requests guilt-free knowing the local scene is still being supported. 

Most importantly, however, the students at UH would have a voice.

Money is scarce right now, especially at UH, but this is an important issue. The administration and the student body have both expressed interest in bringing UH to Tier I status. 

This would give UH extra funding and, more importantly, some of the respect on a national level that it undoubtedly deserves. Of course, both the University of Texas and Texas A&M have their own student-run radio stations.

It will take more than a radio station to move UH to the next level, but maybe a radio station could help. I know funding is tight, but this is something I would volunteer my time to do. This summer is a great time to start a new chapter in the growth of this university. As a student and a lifelong native of Houston, I urge all of you with any sense of pride in UH or the city of Houston to look at the possible benefits.

The recent study put out by several sociology classes found that 62 percent of the student population was not involved in student activities. Thatis a sad fact. Every night, after the thousands of commuters go home, the grounds are silent except for the crickets and the bullfrogs. Itis been almost 14 years since Shasta V, our last live mascot, was euthanized May 28, 1989. Itis time to hear another roar on campus.

Lee, a freshman English major, can be reached at


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