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Volume 68, Issue 140, Thursday, April 24, 2003


The crystal ball says Texans pick Johnson

The NFL Draft

Christian Schmidt

Welcome to The Daily Cougar NFL Mock Draft 2003. The crack staff of our newspaper has assembled a list of the best prospects and made predictions about how each team will pick. So read, enjoy and watch the draft Saturday and Sunday.

For the first 16 picks, there is a brief explanation of the decision to make the pick.

The top half

1.) Cincinnati Bengals ­ Carson Palmer, quarterback, Southern California

The Bengals would be better served to trade this pick for more picks later in the draft, because they need all the help they can get. But they will probably take Palmer (in fact, they have already agreed in principle to a contract with him.)

2.) Detroit Lions ­ Charles Rogers, wide receiver, Michigan State

Rogers might have been the best player in college football last year, and the Lions like his athleticism, size and local connections.

3.) Houston Texans ­ Andre Johnson, wide receiver, Miami

The Texans need playmakers on offense and Johnson, with his amazing speed, qualifies.

4.) Chicago Bears ­ Byron Leftwich, quarterback, Marshall

Leftwich is bit of a surprise this high, but the Bears like the big guy and they need a quarterback.

5.) Dallas Cowboys ­ Terence Newman, cornerback, Kansas State

The Cowboys have fallen in love with Newman and concerns about a shoulder injury wonit scare them away.

6.) Arizona Cardinals ­ Terrell Suggs, defensive end, Arizona State

The Cardinalsi pass rush is a joke and Suggs will help. His poor performances in workouts made him drop this far, but Arizona would love to have the local boy.

7.) Minnesota Vikings ­ Dewayne Robertson, defensive tackle, Kentucky

The Vikings still need all the defensive help they can get, and Robertson is probably the best defensive player in this draft.

8.) Jacksonville Jaguars ­ Marcus Trufant, cornerback, Washington State

The Jaguars need help in the defensive secondary, and Trufant is almost as good as Newman. And he doesnit have any lingering injury problems.

9.) Carolina Panthers ­ Jordan Gross, offensive tackle, Utah

If Gross is still around, the Panthers will jump on him. A young, talented offensive tackle is too good for this team to pass up.

10.) Baltimore Ravens ­ Kyle Boller, quarterback, California

Baltimore head coach Brian Billick is an offensive guy who doesnit have a quality quarterback. Boller has risen dramatically in many teamsi estimation.

11.) Seattle Seahawks ­ Kevin Williams, defensive tackle, Oklahoma State

The Seahawks benefit from the wealth of defensive line talent in this draft by picking up Williams, who should have gone higher.

12.) St. Louis Rams ­ Boss Bailey, linebacker, Georgia

The Rams need help at linebacker, and Bailey is easily the best available.

13.) New York Jets ­ Kelley Washington, wide receiver, Tennessee

This is rather high for Washington to be taken, but the Jets are desperate for a wide receiver after losing Laveranues Coles.

14.) New England Patriots ­ Ty Warren, defensive tackle/end, Texas A&M

The Patriots like Warren and his ability to rush the passer. He is a versatile player who has spent time at end and tackle. Heis also very strong.

15.) San Diego Chargers ­ Johnathan Sullivan, defensive tackle, Georgia

The Chargers still need help on the defensive line.

16.) Kansas City Chiefs ­ Dewayne White, defensive end, Louisville.

White is a big guy who had great production in college and the Chiefs need all the help they can get on the defensive line.

And the rest

17.) New Orleans Saints ­ Jerome McDougle, defensive end, Miami

18.) New Orleans Saints ­ Jeff Faine, offensive lineman, Notre Dame

19.) New England Patriots ­ Kwame Harris, offensive lineman, Stanford

20.) Denver Broncos ­ Eric Steinbach, offensive lineman, Iowa

21.) Cleveland Browns ­ Sammy Davis, cornerback, Texas A&M

22.) New York Jets ­ Troy Polamalu, safety, Southern California

23.) Buffalo Bills ­ Michael Haynes, defensive end, Penn State

24.) Indianapolis Colts ­ Andre Woolfolk, cornerback, Oklahoma

25.) New York Giants ­ Cory Redding, defensive end, Texas

26.) San Francisco 49ers ­ William Joseph, defensive tackle, Miami

27.) Pittsburgh Steelers ­ Eugene Wilson, cornerback, Illinois

28.) Tennessee Titans ­ Larry Johnson, running back, Penn State

29.) Green Bay Packers ­ Kenny Peterson, defensive tackle, Ohio State

30.) Philadelphia Eagles ­ L.J. Smith, tight end, Rutgers

31.) Oakland Raiders ­ Julian Battle, defensive back, Tennessee

32.) Oakland Raiders ­ Willis McGahee, running back, Miami

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