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Volume 68, Issue 141, Friday, April 25, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Lagwagon put on solid performance

By Jason Gagnon
The Daily Cougar

Fat Wreck recording artists Lagwagon arrived to support their new album Blaze. on Wednesday night at the spacious Engine Room. The opening bands were not announced before hand, and if this happens again at a show youire going to attend, get there well after the show is supposed to start.

Starting things off was a funk/jam band from Colorado called Little Hercules. It was really out of place. To sum this up, if I want to hear bad white-boy funk then Iill just throw in one of my pornography tapes. Make my funk the P-Funk.

Next came your typical Southern California pop-punk band, Staring Back. Lots of octaves and bad vocal harmonizing. The band had absolutely no stage presence; you see 30 bands on the Warped Tour that sound like this every year. If thatis your thing, more power to you.

Following that was Rufio. Look, if you name your band after a character from Hook then youire just asking to be made fun of, so here it goes: More of the typical and bland SoCal pop-punk with some horrendous vocals. 

Their singer must spend a lot of time in the studio because he sounded like a cat caught in a car engine. Whatis worse were the pre-planned "rock" moves these guys did. Synchronized jumps are for Van Halen, you dorks. The 15-year-old kids with braces in the first three rows seemed excited, though.

Then came Yellowcard. This is your typical SoCal pop-punk band, but it have a violin. The band started with a song that epitomized the musical bile that is emo.

Then the members jumped around and played boring music with a violin just to show how "unique" and "different" they are from the rest of the bands. Violins work for the Pogues and Flogging Molly, not lame untalented pop-punk bands. The first four rows seemed excited.

Finally, Lagwagon came on with its midget singer Joey Cape and a guitarist so large his Les Paul looked like a ukulele. Their set made up for the suffering endured beforehand. They started out with "Alien 8" and played a set that drew from much of their catalogue except for Duh, their first album. 

Most of the set was from Hoss and Double Plaidinum, which pleased the hyped crowed, but the group played some songs from their latest release as well. The most outstanding of those "Never Again," the bandis response to the intense patriotism after 9/11.

It was certainly one of the high points of the night along with "Island of Shame" and their cover of Van Morisonis "Brown Eyed Girl."


Engine Room

The verdict: Lagwagon was solid as usual, but all of the other bands were really bad.

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