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Volume 68, Issue 141, Friday, April 25, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Mutant quality offered in 'X2'

By Michael Twigg
The Daily Cougar

The world has waited so long for a comic to really come to life. Now it can stop waiting. Body counts, jilted love, xenophobia, pre-pubescent angst -- itis all there in X2.

Wolverineis (Hugh Jackman) full fury is unleashed when Xavieris School for Gifted Youngsters comes under attack in X2, which opens May 2.

Kerry Hayes/ SMPSP

The next chapter of the mutant-versus-human struggle begins in the White House with one of the best movie intros since Terminator 2: Judgement Day and continues its amazing quality throughout the movie. The audience was motionless in its seats until the end credits came up.

With the prowess of actors, including Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry, viewers were bound to enjoy themselves, and director Bryan Singer made sure that no one actor -- no matter how many awards or hits were attached to the name -- dominated the film or prevented it from being true to the brilliant story.

That story provides a breath of fresh air to what has become a stagnant genre, supplying a refreshing spirit instead of focus-grouped substanceless nonsense designed to appeal to the little-kid mentality.

Nothing in the movie goes over the top, or seriously beyond belief. Singer keeps the film three-dimensional and believable despite its fantastic roots.

There will be naysayers, fans who figure Marvel could have insisted on a specific story line or twist. But following those ideas would yield a slave to the comic books, instead of a film in its own right.

Everything was strong. Scene segues were smooth. New characters and actors added depth and charm, and those actors hadnit earned their roles in the first movie were seasoned this time around.

The ending, often a problem point, kept the door open for another sequel without leaving it wide enough to freeze the audience with the bitter wind of loose strings.


Rated: PG-13

Starring: Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry

20th Century Fox

The verdict: This movie kicks as much butt as the mutants in it.
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