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Volume 68, Issue 141, Friday, April 25, 2003


Diverse Greeks pursue unity

By Heather Minton
news reporter

The Spring 2003 semester marks the fourth year of the Multicultural Greek Council, which recently established a new constitution seeking to bring about more cohesiveness between Greek organizations within the council.

"The purpose of the working constitution within the council is to provide rules and regulations for all 13 groups to follow," said Patrick Ramos, the Multicultural Greek Councilis vice president for external affairs. "Itis a guideline of rules like any other organization would have on campus."

The council, under the new constitution, has been able to bring about positive effects in Greek life on campus, Ramos said. The council organizes gatherings so that each Greek organization can mingle, connect and learn more about one another.

The council has helped unite Greek organizations over the past four years of its existence; the Multicultural Council was the first of its kind at UH, Ramos, who is a junior public relations and advertising major, said.

The council is composed of 13 culturally diverse organizations: Alpha Psi Lambda, Delta Epsilon Psi, Delta Phi Omega, Gamma Alpha Omega, Gamma Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Chi, Kappa Phi Gamma, Lambda Theta Alpha, Omega Delta Phi, Sigma Lambda Beta, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Sigma Phi Omega and Theta Nu Xi.

"The Multicultural Greek Council was created to promote unity between all Greek life here at UH," Ramos said.

The Greeks couldnit do it all on their own, however. They sought out the leadership of Campus Activities Advisor Geisu Springer, who advises the council on any questions they may have and makes suggestions on how the council can run things in a professional manner.

With the combined efforts of all of the member organizations and Springer, the constitution is in place and working to better the council, Ramos said.

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