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Volume 68, Issue 143, Wednesday, May 28, 2003 

Arts & Entertainment

Carrey pulls out the laughs in 'Almighty'

By Uruj Perwaiz
The Daily Cougar

Jim Carrey does it again in his latest film, Bruce Almighty. Unlike some of his previous work, this Carrey film is not filled with disgusting, often vomit-inducing comedy. The jokes make sense, and the audience can relate to his characteris disastrous life with a job he hates and a pet that relieves itself on his sofa rather than outside on the grass.

Bruce Nolan, played by Jim Carrey, is endowed with divine powers in the new comedy Bruce Almighty.

Ralph Nelson/Illusion Arts

Carrey stars in the film as Bruce Nolan, a local Eyewitness News TV reporter in Buffalo, N.Y. He is utterly bored of his human-interest story assignments.

At the station, the anchorman is set to retire soon. Though itis obvious that Bruce deserves the position, another reporter gets the job instead. Upon hearing the co-anchor position was given to his superficial rival, Bruce has on-camera mental breakdown in front of millions of viewers. The TV station dismisses Bruce.

Outside the station, he sees rowdy alley boys tormenting a blind old beggar and tries to rescue the poor man, which results in Bruce being beaten to a pulp and his car getting keyed.

Furthermore, he rams his car into a pole on the way home. Waiting at home is his beautiful and adoring girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston), who loves him despite his constant negative attitude. Grace runs a daycare center and is patiently waiting for Bruce to propose to her.

Bruce comes home furious, raging about his rotten luck with life and blames God for all his mishaps. He refers to God as a "little kid with a magnifying glass on top of an ant hill, and (he is) that little ant burning in pain."

After he tosses his pager out the window in a fit of rage, and an 18-wheeler truck runs it over smashing it into pieces, Bruceis pager continues to beep annoyingly. Finally, Bruce calls the mysterious number on his pager and is told to go to a mysterious address.

At the address he sees a secluded old building by the name of Omni Presents, Inc. The building is empty save for a jolly janitor. The janitor (Morgan Freeman) reveals to Bruce that he is God and offers Bruce all of the Lordis mighty powers to see if he can run the world as God any better than God currently does.

Aniston is outstanding and even provokes a few tears towards the end of the movie when she begs God to help her forget Bruce (since he never proposed to her).

Freeman is hilarious with his dry comedy as God who finally gets to go on vacation while Bruce Nolan takes over. According to God, the last time He was on vacation was what we refer to as the "Dark Ages."

Bruce Almighty

Rated: PG-13

Starring: Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman

Universal Pictures

The verdict: Worth a break to the movie theater during summer classes.
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