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Volume 68,  Issue 143, Wednesday, May 28, 2003 


Staff Editorial


Matthew Dulin    Geronimo Rodriguez      Cara Sarelli          Lisa Street

School daze

Long classes, professors poking fun at studentis IQs for thinking summer classes would be easy, and a dead campus: this is the gist of summer school.

Thereis nothing glorious about going to school when you donit have to. Go ahead and think itis something to be proud of and youill be crying by Friday.

The loads of empty seats and parking spaces just remind students of what they could be doing if they hadnit decided to sweat it out for a couple of weeks.

But for the students who have decided to spend a couple of weeks of the their long-awaited break to get ahead (or catch up) -- most of the time not knowing what they are actually getting into ? The Daily Cougar has decided to make it a bit easier.

Below is a list of things that might push you to finish that class and keep you from giving up that class credit for a string of much-deserved all-nighters with whomeveris buying drinks:

5.) Take a class with a friend -- Even if he or she acts stupid enough for the both of you to look stupid, that friend is going to help you through that midterm in six weeks. When you canit get your hand off the snooze button, that friend, the one you try to lose in the parking lot after class, will be there to take notes.

4.) Water bottle -- Youire lying to yourself if you think you can quench your thirst with a few sips at the fountain after youive walked from your car to class in 90-degree weather. If you donit want to carry the bottle, let your friend carry it.

3.) Patience -- When that professor has pushed you too far, do like Mr. Miyagi and chill -- chopsticks are optional.

2.) Mosquito spray To keep away the squirrels.

1.) The Daily Cougar ? Never pass by a Daily Cougar stand without picking up a copy of the campusi official student newspaper. How else would you keep up with the news? Like summer school gives you a chance to channel-surf. Trust us, there isnit even time to feed your dog when youire trying to make the grade in a handful of weeks. If Spike dies of starvation, blame your friend.

So there you have it. This is just a rough outline of how to stay ahead in summer; students may never master the art, but we always have next year to try again.

If you do use this, never show it to your friend.
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