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Volume 68, Issue 144, Monday, June 2, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

'Nemo' finds itself leading box office

By Leslie Smith
The Daily Cougar

This weekend marked the opening for several new movies. Along with new releases also comes a change in the distribution of incoming cash. Everyone not only wants to know which movie was No. 1, but also how much money it made and whether anything broke a record. Well, there were no record-breaking movies this weekend, but some pretty significant changes did take place in the positions of the chart holders. 

Disney Pixaris Finding Nemo, placed first in the weekend box office, grossing 70.6 million. 

Photo courtesy of Pixar

The No. 1 movie of the weekend was Pixaris new animated release Finding Nemo, grossing $70.6 million. Created by Oscar nominee Andrew Stanton, the underwater tale is about a fish, Marlin, who loses his son Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef. Although a timid fish, Marlin and his friend Dory launch themselves into the great wide ocean in search of Nemo.

Done with the same magnificence of previous Pixar films like Toy Story and A Bugis Life, the imagery of the ocean and life-like qualities of the film are sure to impress and astound children and adults alike. Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould and Willem Dafoe are just some of the celebrities who provided their vocal talents. 

Still going strong at No. 2 is Jim Carreyis newest comedy, Bruce Almighty, which brought in $35.6 million, with a two-weekend $135 million gross. In a story that is outlandish and taken to gigantic proportions, Carrey plays the only outrageous part left for him to play, someone bestowed with Godis powers. Filled with comedic antics and Carreyis well-known rubber face, it is no wonder people are still packing the theaters to see it. 

A not so great hit was The Italian Job. Even though this was its opening weekend, it only came in at No. 3 bringing in a measly $19.3 million, good enough for the third spot.

The Matrix has dropped two spots since last week, coming in at fourth place. Although the film has grossed a total of $232 million thus far, most was made in its opening week. Due to slanderous reviews and a disappointing storyline, the picture is finding it difficult to bring in the moviegoers.

Daddy Day Care starring Eddie Murphy, X2, Wrong Turn, The In-Laws, Down with Love and The Lizzie McGuire Movie rounded out the top 10.
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