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Nathan Lindstrom/The Daily Cougar

Mark Junker grabs the Frisbee before his opponent Pascal Mickelson (white shirt) can get his hands on it in a game of ultimate disk played on the intramural fields Sunday.


Pro-Life Cougars win settlement
In a settlement reached with the Pro-Life Cougars, the University of Houston agreed on Wednesday to alter its freedom of expression policy and pay $93,000 in attorneyis fees to the groupis representatives, the Alliance Defense Fund.

Friday the 13th brings luck
Another Friday the 13th is behind us and almost all of us are still here, unharmed and undaunted. In fact, most of us have lived through many of these days said to be full of bad luck.

Routt gets six for UH
On the field, Stanford Routt is accustomed to preventing six points in the form of touchdowns from being scored. 

Bad films cliches kill 'Hollywood Homicide'
 Buddy comedies are like death and taxes; theyire just a part of life. Some work -- 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon and Shanghai Noon -- come to mind. And others, like Bio Dome and National Security, fail miserably. 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 148, Monday, June 16, 2003


Pro-life Cougars win settlement

Crystal growth study is vital to tech future

Regents to tackle number of issues


Friday the 13th brings luck

Headlines spell Armaggedon

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Routt gets six for UH

Injuries continue to tail the Comets

Arts & Entertainment

Bad films cliches kill 'Hollywood Homicide'

Manson redefines 'Grotesque'

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