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Volume 68, Issue 150, Monday, June 23, 2003 



UH stands to lose from Oracle's plans for PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft, Inc., the software maker that provided UH with its suite of human resources, financial and student information services applications, is trying to fend off a hostile takeover from rival company Oracle.

Easy Living in Eastport, Maine
EASTPORT, MAINE -- By the end of May road crews in the states north of the Mason-Dixon Line had every interstate and country road torn up to repair or resurface as the states prepared for the onslaught of summer vacationers that bring the tourist dollars to hungry state and city coffers.

SGA to amend election policies
Nearly three months after Student Voice members were found in violation of the Election Code, the Student Government Association briefly addressed the code in its second summer meeting on Wednesday, but stressed that reviewing it will be the SGAis chief agenda this summer.

UH biologists forage the campus at night
To most people summer means having fun in the sun, but to UH biologists it means spending the warm nights crawling across the campus with flashlights in search of a species that could shed new light on evolution and the environment.




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