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CPA exam changes to computer format in April
UH accounting students can put down their pencils and begin sharpening their computer skills. 

Hazing should be stopped
Michael Cinelli and Oscar Gutierrez were named to two new posts in the Division of University Advancement at UH on Thursday.

Former 'A' Canseco gets 'F' off the field
When Jose Canseco was a member of the Oakland Ais, he and Mark McGwire were the unbeatable Bash Brothers. Any season where they didnit combine for at least 90 home runs was an anomaly.

Experimentation pushes Deftones
Heavy experimentation usually signals the end of a metal bandis credibility among its fans. Add a Grammy award, and a band is labeled a sell-out. But the Deftones have never been happy to just drive a riff into the listeneris heads.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 151, Wednesday, June 25, 2003


CPA exam changes to computer format in April

Undestanding our universe

UH athletes tackle children's problems


Hazing should be stopped

Spammers die, Potter rules

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Former 'A' Canseco gets 'F' off the field

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Experimentation pushes Deftones

WestFest rises from long exile

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