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Volume 68, Issue 151, Wednesday, June 25, 2003


UH athletes tackle children's problems

By Ed De La Garza
The Daily Cougar

They havenit had much reason to smile on the field over the past three years, but UH athletes are striving to turn their personal lives and the lives of children into success stories.

Photo courtesy of Jaron Barganier

The All-N-One summer mentoring program directed by UH athletes Jaron Barganier and James Hong teaches children about teamwork and leadership.

Senior consumer science and merchandising major Jaron Barganier and junior finance and management major James Hong began with the desire to use their place as college athletes in a positive way in the community and turned it into an annual mentoring program called All-N-One.

"As a college athlete sometimes I feel like Iim not doing anything," said Barganier, All-N-One president and center on the UH football team. "I started going out ant talking to kids. Myself, James Hong, Chris Omere and Lesley Kargbo, went out to elementary schools."

The athletes teach about teamwork, conditioning and lead games during the three-day camps. On the last day, Barganier and Hong arrange for college and professional athletes to sign autographs.

The cost of the camp ($45) covers equipment, games, snacks and a T-shirt. All-N-One should be granted non-profit exemption by August, said Barganier. "The money goes back to the organization," he said.

While athletes are encouraged to help, theyire not dragged in kicking and screaming. Barganier said that once they find out what the program does, they begin to look forward to it

"They came out and signed autographs," said Hong, All-N-One vice president and an offensive lineman on the football team. "When we talked about it, it really didnit register in their minds what we were doing or how."

UH athletes scheduled to participate in the camps are football players Farouk Adelekan, Jackie Battle, Gerard Daniels, David Douglas, Blake Garrison, Willie Gaston, Rex Hadnot, Phil Hawkins, Al James, Quintin Jones, L.C. Kirkpatrick, Chioke Lazerous, Shang Moore, Roy Swan and Mike Watkins and track athlete Serina McFarland.

For information on how to get involved with All-N-One, call Barganier at 832-212-5851 or visit the Web site

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