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Volume 68, Issue 152, Monday, June 30, 2003



Taylor marks down his 'Perfect 10'
UH head swimming coach Mark Taylor didn't want to, but, alas, they were already out of his hands. He could never embrace five-time NCAA champ Yulia Pakhalina, at least as a diver for his swimming program, again. 

MLB has to change to survive
Little about the game changed from the first chapter of Ken Burns' Baseball to the last. The game was still filled with idiotic owners who made boneheaded decisions, minority players fighting for recognition and fans who wanted nothing more than to see their team stop waiting till' next year.

MLB should stay with current path
There was a time when Major League Baseball players were little more than well-dressed indentured servants in cleats. That dry, unforgiving, landscape was changed forever. Fittingly, in fact, by a man named Flood.



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