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Volume 68, Issue 155, Wednesday, July 9, 2003


United States is not the bully

Michael Davis
Guest Columnist

I'm writing in response to Albert Castle's wrongly titled column "Bullying is the only way out" (Opinion, Wednesday).

Castle stated that members of the United States Armed Forces in Iraq should stand trial for war crimes. By calling the defenders of our liberty criminals, Castle has made worthless the sacrifices of all the brave men who fought and died for his freedom. What kind of life would Castle have if not for the sacrifices of others? If not for them, he wouldn't have had the freedom to write such awful lies.

Since when is it a crime to defend oneself against a terrorist or tyrant? I find it absolutely appalling that Castle can accuse the United States of bullying, when all we did was defend our soil from foreign invaders. Were we just trying to get our own way when we saved Europe from the Kaiser during World War I? Were we bullying when we rid the world of Adolph Hitler? Were we bullying the world when we defended freedom and democracy against the spread of communism that threatened our very existence? How can the United States be accused of bullying when it has never started a war?

This country has done nothing in its past but defend itself. The current war against Iraq is no different. I must remind Castle that the United States was the victim on 9/11, not the perpetrator of the crime. Anyone living on that day knows the truth.

Maybe someday, Castle will understand what really happened in the world that day. Perhaps when he grows up, he'll see that the real bully lived in a Baghdad palace while his people starved in the streets.

Now, thanks to our soldiers, the world can live without the threat of nuclear or biological terrorism. That is not a crime.

Davis, a UH graduate from the class of 1986, 
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