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Volume 68, Issue 158, Monday, July 21, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Jamming with Dave

Concert goers still soothed by Dave Matthews Band

By Mauro Alvarez
The Daily Cougar

It's become an annual event; The Dave Matthews Band summer tour arrived Tuesday at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Every year, the band's tour runs through the city, and each year the show is sold out. 

The band performed a 17 song set list including a majority of its songs from the Crash, Before These Crowded Streets and Everyday albums while the band's newest album Busted Stuff made a small appearance.

The show began with "Everyday" and almost sermon-like, the crowd sang along as DMB swept through "The Stone." Saxophone player LeRoi Moore serenaded the audience as the band played the ballad "#41."

Dave Matthews of The Dave Matthews Band played to an eager sold out crowd at the Woodland's Pavilion on Tuesday. Matthews performed a varied set, consisting of fan favorites off of albums Crash, These Crowded Streets, Everyday and the band's newest release, Busted Stuff.

Mauro Alvarez/The Daily Cougar

"Thank you," Matthews said to the crowd before he went into the next song "Too Much."

The band played "If I Had it All" which slowed down the tempo as lighters went up throughout the venue. The "Kit Kat Jam" turned the Pavilion into a dance floor. "Cry Freedom" as well as "Crush," "Stay" and "Rapunzel" from Before These Crowded Streets ended the first part of the set.

The crowd erupted as the fast paced cry for an encore began. The crowd, a little restless now, began a different type of cry, which sounded like an encore cry for an emperor or important ruler.

Matthews and company didn't disappoint as they got back on stage and began playing "Digging a Ditch" and the crowd's ruckus ceased as the lighters turned on again. "Thank you so much" an appreciative Matthews responded.

Violinist Boyd Tinsley's solos added to the overall musicianship of The Dave Matthews Band concert at the Woodland's Pavilion on Tuesday.
Mauro Alvarez/The Daily Cougar

"Two Step" was the final song of the evening, a good choice in that it showed the finest musicianship. Boyd Tinsley's violin-picking solo and Matthew's guitar skills fit together perfectly, but the crowd wanted more, as "The Space Between" or "Crash" were surprisingly left off the set list.

Nevertheless, the evening can be described as soothing which explains why thousands flock to see the Dave Matthews Band perform every year.

Dave Matthews

Woodland's Pavilion

The verdict: The Dave Matthews Band's performance soothed the Woodlands from the crowded streets and busted stuff of everyday.

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