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Volume 68, Issue 16, Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Arts & Entertainment


Bright Eyes' latest a brillianly composed album
Conor Oberst is a busy man, but that could be expected from a musical, poetic genius.

'First Lady' evolves in latest work
Philadelphiais hip-hop artist Eve is at it again. While appearing in this summeris XXX and this weekendis top film, Barbershop, Eve found time to step in a recording studio to create Eve-olution.

Lost City Angels find rhythm in CD debut
What would you get if you took a band of five street punks from New England and added a former Mighty Mighty Bosstone to help produce 
an album?

DiFranco's 'So Much Laughter' offers so much 
to devoted fans
"I am a postergirl with no poster. I am 32 flavors and then some," Ani Difranco sings in a live recording of "32 Flavors" on her new album, So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter. It is her first live double album since five-year-old Living in Clip was released.

Dreamcast's 'Ikaruga' a worthy shoot'em up
The import Ikaruga is the only "shoot'em up" for Sega Dreamcast. Despite the fact Dreamcast is no longer in production, Ikaruga has graphics that easily blow away anything on any current console.


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