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Volume 68, Issue 16, Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

'First Lady' evolves in latest work

By Shiley Carter
The Daily Cougar

Philadelphiais hip-hop artist Eve is at it again. While appearing in this summeris XXX and this weekendis top film, Barbershop, Eve found time to step in a recording studio to create Eve-olution.

Without a doubt, the singer/rapper has indeed outdone her past works with the newly released album.

The 16-track album flows with unstoppable beats and lyrics, highlighting Eveis vocal skills in several songs. 

Eve-olution sheds light on the fact that she can truly sing, reminding everyone of what she enjoys pointing out: she was first a singer and second a rapper.

Photo courtesy of Interscope Records

Philadelpia singer/actress Eveis latest album Eve-olution flows with skillful vocals and pleasing lyrics.

Eve-olution features respected artists such as Jadakiss, Truth Hurts, Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg, Mashonda and, of course, the well-known and highly-talented Alicia Keys.

Keys, who accompanies Eve on the first single of the album "Gangsta Lovin," brings a more feminine sound to the song, resulting in a tremendous amount of radio airtime. 

"Irresistible Chick," is a very likable, fast-paced song with Eveis lyrics flowing along in true Lady Ruff Ryder fashion.

The tantalizing beats on "Let This Go" make it a nice candidate for a dance song while "Hey Yiall," featuring Snoop Dogg, is more of a bob-your-head piece.

"Satisfaction" is filled with off-meter beats and a surge of satisfactory singing intermingled with the fashion-divais smooth rap lyrics.

Eve has said that her mother is her biggest inspiration she taught her daughter to be strong and confident. Passing this advice along to the kids she has admitted influence over, "As I Grow" is an optimistic song with several positive messages relating to personal success. 

It is reminding the listener that a person has to want to succeed and then take action to make it happen.

The albumis title track is last, but certainly not the least, of progressively sweeping songs. "Eve-olution" is a more cut-and-dry rap song with a few eccentric beats that help the song along. The sixth and tenth tracks are an "argument" skit and "stop hatini" skit, respectively. 

The album would have been just as wonderful, if not more so, without these two tracks. 

It takes away from the rolling flow of verbal talent Eve displays throughout Eve-olution.

The artist touches on issues ranging from self-esteem to domestic violence. 

Eve continues to spread her optimism through her smooth, flowing lyrics and consistently diverse beats.

Eveis direct approach to her genreis music gives her an edge in the field and puts her above most of her peers in the industry.

Eve-olution is only one stage in the Philadelphia rapperis ongoing development. 

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