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Volume 68, Issue 16, Tuesday, September 17, 2002


Letters to the Editor

Praise for the DC

To the editor:

Just thought I would send a short note to tell each of you how much I enjoyed the excellent 9/11 coverage in The Daily Cougar. I thought the cover, art work, layout, guest opinions and special interviews in the perspective section were just outstanding.

I expected that The Daily Cougar would give appropriate attention to the events of Sept. 11, but had no idea you would devote the entire paper to this important event in the history of our nation. 

In addition, the manner in which you went about reporting the various insights to the 9/11 tragedy, from our multi-cultural student body, staff and faculty, demonstrated your exceptional commitment to excellence in journalism.

Dr. Robert "Bob" Herrington, Jr.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, UHS
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, UH

Trash the Trashman

To the editor:

Although I usually enjoy the Trashmanis articles, aimed at rousing spirit for UH football, I found his latest article offensive. I donit know if The Daily Cougar would have otherwise allowed the publication of an article that disparaged ethnicity.

He could have poked fun at the team and school instead of zeroing in on that schoolis mascot and insulting a group of people. The Trashman could have accomplished his objective without deriding those of Acadian descent. 

I submit the question of whether this would have been more difficult were Cajuns people of color instead of (as he labels us) "white trash." Iim all for freedom of speech and school spirit, but this was just offensive.

When you make people feel bad about their heritage, you cross the line. Unfortunately for The Daily Cougar, that line was crossed by the Trashman. 

UH is one of the most diverse campuses in the nation and we should be proud of the presence of so many different histories and heritages running through the veins of our community.

Daniel Robicheaux
sophomore, USD

Editoris note: I never called Cajuns or people of Cajun descent "white trash." The Web site was my source for that information. When it comes to the "Trashman" columns, everything is fair game, even the mascot.


Letters Policy

Letters to the editor are welcome from all members of the UH community and should focus on issues, not personalities. Letters must be typed and must include the author's name, telephone number and affiliation with the University. Anonymous letters will not be published. Letters are subject to editing for clarity, language and space. Letters may be delivered in person to Room 151, Communication; e-mailed to ; or faxed to (713) 743-5384.Send comments to


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