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Volume 68, Issue 16, Tuesday, September 17, 2002



Let loose the nukes, end the world
I usually wake up in the morning after my girlfriend's already left for work. While she's busy at her salaried corporate job (moral: always date people who earn more than you), I'm free to rummage through her things without the added distraction of her being there.

Beware of miracle diet magicians
We hear about them all the time: miracle diets that claim to transform our bodies from flab to fab. Through before-and-after pictures and testimonies, diet specialists claim that their program is the one that works. 

Our Lady Liberty turns her head
The United States Senate is in the process of debating a Homeland Security Act that would pull over 170,000 employees from different branches of the government and, in theory, create the largest governmental department the country has ever seen, second only to the Department of Defense.

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