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Satisfying Satellite

It's as new as the 'libero' position in college volleyball, but as old as "yo' momma" jokes. It's confusion at its best and worst.

It's the University Center Satellite.

After being mummified in yellow police tape for the past 15 months (remember Tropical Storm Allison?), the Satellite's doors re-opened for the campus's north-siders. Well, not all of its doors. The main entrance doors remain cursed, but the side stairs next to the Science and Research Building II will grant students access for the foreseeable future.

And not to all of the businesses either. The only sections with full access are the games room, convenience store and restrooms. You've seen bigger deals on a 12-pack of Sprite at the grocery store right? Yes and no.

A string of planning and construction woes and university administrators deemed that the project was a low priority.

What? A low priority? This isn't cleaning up vomit on the third floor of Agnes Arnold. This should have been a higher priority than giving Arthur K. Smith another raise in pay. Administrators figured that since the UC was fully operational, student social and culinary needs would be sufficiently met. Is that a joke?

The Satellite won't be at full-strength until sometime in late October. In the meantime, the underground eatery will open in phases. Starbucks (this country should just change its name to the United Starbucks of America) and Tejanita's Taqueria will complete Phase II in late September. Phase III is due around late September/early October, with the study and television lounges making a reappearance. The food courts and meeting rooms complete the renovation.

We understand rebuilding a flooded-out facility takes time. But the University gave its students more lip service than Houston Comets' basketball star Tina Thompson when answering inquiries into the Satellite situation. It was like guessing the correct price on the "Showcase Showdown" of "The Price Is Right." Some contestants screamed for a Fall 2001 opening, others made awkward hand motions for January 2002. Both overestimated and were politely sent home prizeless.

Ten-minute treks across campus will now be phased out.

Welcome back Satellite. Stay away from girls named Allison and large bodies of water.


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