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Volume 68, Issue 161, Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Arts & Entertainment


Pole bridges gap between dub electronica, hip hop
Dub electronica and ambient beats aren't all that popular today, even on campus. Sure, the occasional music snob listens to them to prove their underground taste, but as a whole, they are heartily avoided. Most students would be happier morphing that style into one of its more popular cousins -- hip-hop or dance.

'Vengeance' best PPV since Wrestlemania
Vengeance is mine, said Vince McMahon. After making fans suffer through an interminable Raw-only Bad Blood pay-per-view last month, World Wrestling Entertainment delivered its best event since Wrestlemania. Vengeance was a PPV that showed why Smackdown is the better show. Even a one-legged wrestler out-performed guys like Test and Scott Steiner.

Brown shows dance on multi-media at CAM
The newest installation at the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum, Trisha Brown: Dance and Art in Dialogue: 1961-2001, will be on exhibit through Sept. 14 upstairs in the Brown Foundation Gallery.


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