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Volume 68, Issue 161, Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

'Vengence' best PPV since Wrestlemania

Reporte de Lucha Libre

Ed De La Garza

Vengeance is mine, said Vince McMahon. After making fans suffer through an interminable Raw-only Bad Blood pay-per-view last month, World Wrestling Entertainment delivered its best event since Wrestlemania. Vengeance was a PPV that showed why Smackdown is the better show. Even a one-legged wrestler out-performed guys like Test and Scott Steiner.

Kurt Angle wrestled in the Wrestlemania main event with a severely injured neck (and still carried the match against Brock Lesnar). He had to drop the title that night, and some thought his career could be in jeopardy. But he returned earlier than anticipated and Sunday, he reclaimed the WWE Championship in a three-way bout with Lesnar and the Big Show.

Not having to see the Big Show any more than necessary was the best part of the match. WWE should do the wise thing and get Show as far away from the main event scene as possible. Try getting John Cena back in the mix. Cena dropped his bout against the Undertaker, but he clearly deserved to win. He also helped Lesnar put on a decent title-defense match in May.

It's a little shady when McMachon keeps inserting himself in high-profile matches, although he helped deflect some of the pressure away from the one-legged Zach McGowan. McGowan can work a match, but he didn't have to carry his first PPV event. No one really expected him to wrestle a five-star match against McMahon. That said, he's already a crowd favorite despite losing to the boss.

In other Vengeance news, Eddie Guerrero beat Chris Benoit for the United States Title; Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas retained the tag team belts; Sable beat Stephanie McMahon; Bradshaw won the APA Barroom Brawl; and Jamie Noble defeated Billy Gunn.

Since Smackdown is taped Tuesdays, for Thursday airings, results are available online. Apparently, stuff happens.


A couple of years ago, Goldberg and Triple H appeared at the same fan convention. Triple H made some disparaging comments about the big stiff; he couldn't wrestle, he was overly hyped you know, the truth. Goldberg took offense and used the convention as an opportunity to confront Triple H. The two didn't come to blows, but there was some legitimate heat between them. Obviously, if you're WWE, you use this to your advantage.

Raw's half of August's Summerslam PPV will feature a World Heavyweight Title bout between Trips and Goldberg. It's one of the few sure-thing match-ups WWE has left for Triple H. Of course, if it went by the logic that states the Intercontinental Champion was the No. 1 contender, Booker T would get a re-match soon.

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