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Volume 68, Issue 20, Monday, September 23, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

'Banger' rolls with laughs

By Uruj Perwaiz
The Daily Cougar

I must admit I wasn't too enthused while waiting in line to see The Banger Sisters. Who could be optimistic after a summer full of headache-inducing comedies? But as the film began to roll, I couldn't keep from giggling.

Goldie Hawn plays Suzette a frazzled, aging bartender whose one shot at fame was when she used to be a groupie. After getting fired for using dirty language and drinking rum and coke while on the job, Suzette leaves Los Angeles in search of her long lost best friend and fellow Banger Sister, Lavinnia, a.k.a. Vinny (Susan Sarandon).

Vinny, who left the groupie scene years earlier for Phoenix in pursuit of a high society life full of frills, is married to a lawyer (Robin Thomas) more interested in entering the political arena.

In the comedy The Banger Sisters, Susan Sarandon, left, and Goldie Hawn play best friends and fellow groupies who reunite to remember old times.

Holly Stein/Fox Searchlight Pictures

On her way to see Vinny, Suzette finds herself out of cash and in need of gasoline. She picks up Harry Plumber, played by Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush, in exchange for gasoline payment.

Harry is a psychopathic scriptwriter, who also abandoned Los Angeles for his hometown with plans of murdering his father.

The film never lets the audience catch their breath. 

It ends one joke with the beginning of another hilarious scene. Part of the humor comes from Goldie Hawn's effort as she accurately portrays the rock 'n' roll sister.

In one scene, Suzette forbids Vinny's daughters to use the dishwasher when washing the dishes, emphasizing the fact that they are truly spoiled brats and that not every home has a banana hammock.

One of the daughters, Hannah, played by Erika Christensen, has a character change toward the end of the movie.

While giving her valedictorian speech at her high school graduation, Hannah stresses, "Be you, be true. I'd rather fight with my family than pretend everything was fine."

The movie ultimately brings back the feel of the 1960s (when Suzette and Vinny were young), challenging the notion that high society life is filled with happiness.

The Banger Sisters is definitely a stress-reliever and comes at a time when we are all stressed in the midst of a semester.

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