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Volume 68, Issue 20, Monday, September 23, 2002



World needs religious tolerance
I have had a weekly opinion spot for almost one full year now. In that year I've tackled both fun and controversial issues, with the exception of one: religion. Yes, that's right, the big kahuna.

Some election time awareness
With elections so close, Democ-Rats all over the nation are gearing up their election-year mud machines and preparing to make an assault on voters. Voters will be smart enough to see through the mass of half-truths, lies and old-fashioned mud slinging.

True leadership has no price tag
It is hard to disagree. Taken at face value, the recent assertion by Charles Miller, chairman of the University of Texasi Board of Regents, that employees of the UT system "deserve great leadership" seems laudable. However, Milleris comment is a feeble justification why UTis new chancellor tops the chart as the highest paid executive of public universities.

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