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Volume 68, Issue 20, Monday, September 23, 2002


Some election time awareness

By RichardWhitrock
Opinion Columnist

With elections so close, Democ-Rats all over the nation are gearing up their election-year mud machines and preparing to make an assault on voters. Voters will be smart enough to see through the mass of half-truths, lies and old-fashioned mud slinging.

In an effort to help the three voting college students on this campus, I have decided to examine the probable drivel that Democrats will be spewing this voting season.

Tactic 1: Democrats hope to prey on public dissatisfaction with the economy and blame President Bush, thereby dirtying all Republicans by extension and promising quick economic change to bring the economy back up.

Al Gore recently used this tactic in his efforts to get his 2004 presidential campaign off the ground. After attempting to take credit for the good years, Gore tried blaming Bush for the current economy, at one point saying about the surplus decline, "One year, that didn't take long."

First, as vice president, Al Gore had as much to do with the American economy as he did with the Internet. The good years were a result of responsible fiscal policies that started when Republicans became the majority in the House and Senate.

Second, the economy was starting to falter even before Bush took office; that happened on the Clinton administration's watch, Bush inherited the problem from the crooks who preceded him.

History majors may remember that Martin Van Buren was one 

of the most hated presidents in 

history because America suffered its second worst depression 

under him. 

Was it Van Buren's fault? No, the depression was a direct result of his predecessor, Andrew Jackson, demolishing the National Bank, but because the effects weren't felt until Van Buren was in office, the public blamed Van Buren.

Third, Democrats plan to get the economy back up by spending more and getting rid of Bush's tax cut. Since the economy suffers most from lack of investment, how is running a bigger deficit and taking money out of investors' hands going to cure that?

Tactic 2: Democrats will attempt to capitalize on anger at big business and Enron's ilk by tying Bush to the likes of Kenneth Lay. They will point out that Enron and Lay were big contributors to Bush's campaign and will hint that corrupt executives exist and are not punished because Bush created them and is protecting them.

First, just because someone donated to your cause does not mean you had part in any crime that person committed. Lay donated millions to education, scholarships and other charities, but they are not responsible for Enron. 

If Lay donated $1 million to the Star of Hope, does that mean the battered women in the shelter are responsible for Lay's actions?

Second, Bush is not in the 

practice of granting pardons or protection in exchange for political money; that was Clinton. Lest Democrats forget "Marc Rich."

Tactic 3: Democrats hope to paint Bush and other Republicans as war-mongers and hope to stall any action on Iraq until after elections while at the same time accusing Bush of playing politics with the timing of the Iraq situation. 

Democrats are cowards and are notoriously anti-military. Delaying the vote is a function of survival for them, which is why they insist Iraq should not be an election issue. 

Since when is protecting America against aggression not an issue? Bush wants to stop Saddam Hussein because he is dangerous.

The mud will be thick this year, but any sane person who is literate enough to read facts and intelligent enough not to be spoon-fed information from politicians should be able to wade through it. 

Let's just hope Tom Daschle isn't the average voter.

Whitrock, a sophomore architecture major, 
can be reached at


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