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Volume 68, Issue 25, Monday, September 30, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

While Queens ruled with rock, Peaches undressed

By Erica Schillings
The Daily Cougar

The rock helped even out the shock at the Verizon Wireless Theater on Friday night. Queens of the Stone Age had an awesome time introducing Houston to what Josh Homme calls "robot-rock." But it seemed a little odd that a duo like Peaches would be touring with a kick-butt rock band. 

The concert began with Peaches' set a fast tempo of heavy techno beats. Then Merrill Nisker came out wearing a black tank top with a hot pink jacket that looked like it belonged to the "Pink Ladies," and an extremely short pair of white shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

To add to it, she donned a pair of light pink fishnet hose that was pulled all the way up to her stomach. She instantly went into her sexual stage presence by thrusting her hips, trying to get her pelvis as close to the audience as possible.

Peaches went on by straddling her microphone stand and humping the closest amp, during the band's first song, "It is time to get me off." This was the least perverted thing that took place during Peaches' part of the show.

By the third song, the second half of the duo came out. Chilly Gonzales was carried on stage with her ankles and wrists wrapped together in black tape and a piece of tape covering her mouth.

She joined her fellow Peaches member in doing a mirror image of sexual dancing and lying on the ground, kicking their legs in the air. The band performed songs from its The Teaches of Peaches CD, such as "Casanova," "Set It Off" and "Lovertits."

At the end their performance, they told the audience not to be "whorified." It was obvious that these sexually obsessed rockers know how to get people's attention.

Finally, the main event came out, Queens of the Stone Age. Homme on vocals and guitar, Dave Catchings on guitar and keyboards, Gene Trautmann and Nick Lucero on drums and Nick Oliveri for vocals and bass make up the band. With this band's performance, it's the best of both worlds. You have Nick Oliveri with his scream-your-guts-out vocals, and then there's Josh Homme's forceful, sultry sound.

The band performed many songs off their current CD Songs For the Deaf, including, "Songs for the Dead," "The Sky is Fallin'" and its radio hit "No One Knows."

There were rumors that Dave Grohl, frontman of the Foo Fighters, was supposed to be a guest performer at the show. About the seventh song, the stage lights went out and this fifth man appeared. It looked like Dave Grohl, it sounded like Grohl, but the stage crew caused a flurry of lighting effects, making it hard to tell.

The band never revealed its unknown vocalist, so I guess we'll never know. After a 16-song set, they left the stage, but shortly came back for a two-song encore. When they returned, Nick Oliveri was wearing a hot pink thong. He then pulled down the back of it, making the front come down, and let's just say there was too much hanging out.

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